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Hobby Lobby fined 3M over smuggled Iraq artifacts.
Oklahoma City-based Hobby Lobby, a popular arts and crafts supplier, bought hundreds of cuneiform tablets and thousands of other artifacts in a 1.6 million deal that was fraught with red flags and was consistent with a clandestine" operation, according to a civil complaint filed in the U.S.
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Hobby Lobby is Closing? Weddings, Do It Yourself Wedding Forums WeddingWire.
HOBBY LOBBY IS NOT CLOSING. They took something the CEO said in an interview and turned it into them closing. But the company said they aren't. I am shocked they aren't' closing since they just hot hit with a dollar3million; fine.
Social media rumor dispelled Hobby Lobby Newsroom.
July 15, 2017. Hobby Lobby often hears from concerned customers who have read on social media that the company is closing its doors. The online article gives the impression that Hobby Lobby founder and CEO, David Green, has decided to shut down all Hobby Lobby stores.
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Despite Social Media Rumors, Hobby Lobby Is Not Closing Their Stores In Maine.
There are plans in 2018 to open more Hobby Lobby locations, potentially even more in Maine. So don't' be fooled if you run across some articles suggesting the owner of Hobby Lobby is closing stores across the country because of religious persecution.
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Hobby Lobby NOT Closing All Stores; Christian Company Refutes Internet Hoax.
Hobby Lobby has released a statement correcting a viral Internet hoax claiming that the company was closing down all of its stores. Last week, a widely circulated article from the conservative website US Herald initially claimed that Hobby Lobby was closing down its stores.
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VERIFY: Is Hobby Lobby closing? YouTube.
THE BIGGEST HOBBY LOBBY EVER! Hobby Lobby Haul Shop with me Marriage Motherhood Duration: 1013. Marriage Motherhood 12923, views. Walmart Store Closing Map and the NAFTA Superhighway Map Land Grab Duration: 456. John919 12636, views. Florida hobby super store Duration: 255.
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Is Hobby Lobby Closing?
On Wednesday, the company released a statement that read.: Hobby Lobby often hears from concerned customers who have read on social media that the company is closing its doors The good news is that the report is false. Hobby Lobby is not closing stores.
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Is Hobby Lobby Closing All Their Stores?
Fact Check Medical. Is Hobby Lobby Closing All Their Stores? The recirculation of a several-year-old, misleadingly headlined news story has spread the mistaken belief that the Hobby Lobby chain is closing. The Hobby Lobby chain is closing all its stores in protest over a federal contraceptives mandate.

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