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5 Reasons Why Your Hotels Lobby is Crucial to The Revenue Pie HMG Hospitality.
Its The Place Where Everyone Gets Settled. The hotel isnt guests home, so therefore they are varying amounts of disoriented. The check-in desk is typically in the lobby, and its where guests become oriented, with the assistance of the front-desk team.
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Lobby dictionary definition lobby defined.
His statue is in the outer lobby of the Houses of Parliament at Westminster. The lobby was a mess, with magazines and newspaper pages scattered over several chairs. He wasn't' in the lobby, so she stepped outside the hotel and sauntered down the boardwalk.
At/in the hotel lobby WordReference Forums.
I was surprised to see that at" the hotel lobby" is indeed quite common, though outnumbered 51: by in" the hotel lobby. Looking at the sources, they are predominantly Pacific rather than AE or BE. Please look at the in context examples to see what I mean.
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Front Desk Lobby Hospitality Siemens.
in response to increases or drops in outside temperatures, or fading day-light, the better perception guests will have of the hotel lobby. This requires systems that are not only easy to set up with for example predefined settings based on the time of day or night but also reliable and flexible, ensuring optimum conditions at all times.
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The Importance of the Hotel Lobby North Ocean Hotel.
Quality can show itself in everything, but never more so than in the materials you use to outfit your hotel. It is always advisable to use the best materials you can afford in a lobby to create the best impression possible.
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Lobby definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
In a hotel or other large building, the lobby is the area near the entrance that usually has corridors and staircases leading off it. In the hotel lobby you'll' find an inviting sitting area next to reception. Have a seat in the lobby and I'll' fetch you when the cab arrives.
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lobby Definition of lobby in English by Oxford Dictionaries.
As the emergency services start to go about their grisly tasks, it is left to stray reporters to phone in reports from the roofs of buildings, from hotel lobbies and pavements. The main hallway leads to a lobby and, through another massive arch, into what would have been the living quarters of the original tower house, now the library.
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Lobby room Wikipedia.
A Building Lobby, Way" of Design, Book One" Archived 2007-01-05 at the Wayback Machine. Lobbies Coming Back Into Their Own New York Times. Office lobbies become new battleground in landlords fight to boost Long Island Business News Find Articles at BNET.com. An atmospheric scale for the evaluation of hotel lobbies.

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